Nouriel Roubini in Bulgaria. Growth opportunities for a small economy in the global world
26 February, 2013. The big questions have their answers
Popularly known as Dr. Doom (the title of a profile in The New York Times Magazine), Dr. Nouriel Roubini is coming to Bulgaria for the first time on the invitation of pension assurance company Doverie and with the media partnership of Capital weekly and Bloomberg.

The invitation to Professor Roubini is part of the socially responsible project of PAC Doverie, which aims at raising the engagement and capacity of the leading economists in the world with different scenarios and prospects of the global crisis, in particular the Bulgarian economy in the context of this crisis, by allowing the major economists in the country to discuss their specific views and ideas locally.

The guests who are invited to attend the event will hear the economist who is known for his now-vindicated predictions of the current financial crisis.

The topic of Professor Roubini's speech will be "Growth opportunities for a small economy in the global world".

Тhe event can be attended by invited guests only.

When and where:
February 26, Sheraton Hotel, Sofia